Key issues

As a Rocklin Unified School District Trustee, I will work to ensure our schools continue to improve, develop innovative programs and meet the unique needs of every child.

Continuous Improvement for Our Schools


Rocklin’s highly ranked schools are a tremendous asset for our community and our children. I have worked to continue to improve our schools and ensure that every child receives a high-quality education.

Partnering with Teachers, Parents and Our Community


Our schools do well because of the dedication of our teachers and our partnership with parents and the community. I have built relationships with teachers, parents and community members to make informed decisions and pledge to continue those efforts in the years ahead.



Innovative Programs and Challenging Curriculum


Every child should receive appropriate challenges to reach their full potential. While teaching the basics will always come first, I have advocated for innovative approaches to meet the needs of all our children, whether they are preparing for college or a career.

School Safety


Student and staff safety is a top priority. We’ve recently implemented improvements and continue to deepen our relationship with the Rocklin Police Department and other law enforcement to keep our schools safe.



 “I am honored to be supported by many educators, civic and business leaders. Over the last four years, I have regularly visited all our schools, held many meetings with teachers and parents, and done my best to make decisions that are in the best interest of the children in our district and our community.”